Every good story starts with a single idea.

In 1992, Dave Peterson, a talented consultant for a "Big 5" firm, had an epiphany. A great consultancy did not have to be a big, centrally located firm, flying its consultants out to distant client locations. Neither did it have to be a small, local boutique. He had a better model in mind. North Highland was built around this radically different approach. Two decades later, North Highland is an employee-owned, global consulting firm with local teams in the US, UK and several other countries.

You First

We don’t have many mantras, but one that’s central to how we think and behave is “You First.” These two words manifest our belief that every great relationship begins by putting our clients first. We work hard to develop solutions that INSPIRE unexpected possibilities, TRANSFORM your enterprise, CHALLENGE the norm and DISRUPT your competition.

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Our goal is to help clients see quantifiable returns. We’re not all talk, we put our money where our mouth is and we guarantee our work.

Smarter Investment

We produce practical solutions that are grounded in the realities of your business. We have a track record of completing projects faster and with more measurable impact. We’re not all talk, we put our money where our mouth is and we guarantee the work.

High Caliber Consultants

Entrepreneurial and energetic, our consultants bring the right skillsets and expertise to every job. Our work is smart, actionable, and we get things done.

Easy To Work With 

We work with you, not at you. Our single most important motivation is doing the right thing for you. We listen first, work from within your firm, and nurture long-standing relationships with you.

Catalyst For Client Success

Your success motivates and drives us. You can depend on us to help you achieve your business and professional objectives.


We've structured our business so that we can really deliver seamlessly integrated offerings. We don't believe in silos and we don't believe in forcing off-the-shelf frameworks on our clients.


We are 100% employee owned. This means we care about our business. We take pride in the work we do and in the clients we help. We strive to go above and beyond and are accountable for everything we do.