The Story of North Highland

On a cold Saturday morning in 1991, Dave Petersen woke up in his own bed after two weeks on the road for his “Big 5” consulting firm. Excited to see his family, he walked down the hallway to embrace his two-year-old daughter. She stared at her father for a brief moment and then turned to her mom to ask, “Does Daddy still live here?”

For many years, Dave thought about alternatives to Big Consulting arrogance and the high cost of a life on the road. But it was his daughter’s confusion that morning that gave him all the clarity he needed to act. So in 1992 Dave started a very different kind of consulting firm.

Armed with a kitchen table, an attic office and three computers, Dave moved operations into his Atlanta home and away from Big Consulting for good. Joined by his two friends, Bob Bowman and Chuck Morn, He embarked on an idea more powerful than he could ever have imagined.