I Share A Birthday With North Highland!

April Fool's Day is an awesome day to have as your birthday. Actually, not really, April Fool’s... For most of my life growing up, my birthday was associated with pranks, jokes, and surprise birthday parties (seriously, you would think I would have seen those coming by the time I was a teenager...). But apparently it's a good day to start a company, for it was on April Fool's Day in 1992 when Dave, Chuck, and Bob officially launched North Highland and it has proven to be a great decision for all of us who are now employee owners of this great firm. I can only imagine there were some pretty good jokes and laughs at their expense when their friends and family realized they were starting the company on April Fool’s Day. I was just a freshman at Florida State University back on that fateful day, still not sure where my career would start, much less that I would share a birthday with this firm that I would come to love. At that time, I probably didn't even know what "consulting" was, I think I was gearing toward a career in Finance at that time. However, in the following few years, I found my way toward majoring in Management Information Systems, landing a job with Price Waterhouse out of college, and, little did I know, laying the groundwork for my career path to intersect with North Highland in 2007.

Reflecting on the ten years that I've been with North Highland, I have to say I'm so proud to share my birthday with the firm. North Highland is truly different - I found in my career that I always loved consulting (and I spent time both in consulting and in industry, so I have a good perspective), but I regretted not being able to spend meaningful time in the cities I lived in to become connected with the community and establish a business network in those cities. North Highland afforded me the opportunity to do both of those things, while doing the kind of consulting work that is exciting and meaningful for our clients and for our teams. I think NHv3 is also very exciting because it allows us to preserve this very unique consulting model but also grow and expand with some of our most long standing clients by bringing in the best of what we have to offer from across the firm.

So Happy Birthday to you, North Highland! Twenty-five years is quite a milestone and I’m proud to say I share the same birthday with this great firm. Even though it was quite an interesting choice for a day to officially launch the firm, the last laugh is on all of the doubters!