Sparks Grove London

Today at Sparks Grove we are announcing the addition of our London office, continuing to expand our presence outside the U.S. Our diverse and multidisciplinary team in the U.S. will be augmented by 18 additional team members based in the UK market. The London-based team has already begun several projects for fast food and telecommunications clients and are well positioned to help leading companies create experiences that matter and build things people love to use.


Our team is very excited about this great opportunity. Elizabeth Searcy, Global Head of Sparks Grove said, “With Sparks Grove presence already established across the major markets including Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, New York, San Francisco and Seattle, we are excited to expand our experience design capability to London. Diversity of thought and experience is paramount to who Sparks Grove is, and the addition of our London team continues to enhance this quality. Having just celebrated the 10-year anniversary of Sparks Grove, it’s a great next step in our story to grow our global agency capabilities.”


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