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Disaster Relief to Those In Need


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Disasters dramatically change the lives of citizens and can negatively impact business. Governments are asked to step in and fairly distribute emergency funding in the most efficient and effective way. Often time state and local entities are dealing with multiple disasters that can span multiple years to complete the response and recovery. Our services provide a full suite of capabilities to administer an entire disaster program from initial urgent resource distribution to long-term economic and environmental recovery.  

Emergency Management

Preparation Saves Lives and Minimizes Impact

Disasters by their very nature are difficult to predict when they are going to occur and the impact on the citizens and businesses.  Disaster preparedness is critical for state and local entities to be ready to respond regardless of the type of disaster.  We provide services to assist in preparing comprehensive emergency management plans that create the roadmaps to navigate any disaster.  In addition, we analyze prior historical data to identify potential areas of concern that can be addressed prior to the disaster that enables faster, more effective response.   


Rapid Response is Critical

Disasters come in many forms (weather-related, man-made environmental, fire, earthquakes, pandemics, etc.) and typically come with little warning. They have an immediate impact on citizens and businesses. Getting critical resources to those in need is a must for state and local entities. Our command center provides a comprehensive suite of services that allows for the direct distribution of funds to the appropriate citizens and businesses, including comprehensive reporting featuring a dashboard of all funds to prevent fraud and abuse. We can rapidly deploy the resources required for your citizens and businesses to get the services and information they desperately need.    

Rapid Response

Restoration Fuels Recovery

In the immediate aftermath of a disaster, the focus is on emergency services. Long-term recovery requires significant funding distribution to individuals that need to restore housing and employment and drive business growth to repair the economic damage of the disaster. We provide program management services that help state and local entities manage long-term recovery programs. These programs can take years to complete, and we provide the resources that can work with you to sustain a healthy recovery.    


How We Help

Planning and Strategy

Our team works with you to develop comprehensive emergency management plans that focuses first on current readiness and analysis of historical data.  We then create a roadmap for response to different types of disasters.    


Command Center

Providing immediate relief to citizens and businesses after a disaster is critical to minimizing both the short term and long-term impact.  We establish a command center that centralizes all decision making, coordinates all relief efforts, coordinates all communications, and provides a comprehensive accounting of all activity. 


Program Management

Recovery programs require a rigorous approach to manage all aspects of the funding spend and progress toward goals. We provide a comprehensive program management approach that allows state and local entities to work with a single source for all recovery services. From eligibility determination to construction tracking to federal reporting, we provide all the necessary services to administer a successful program. 


Customized Technology

When disaster strikes, the federal government will direct emergency management funds to support the response.  Our technology solution is customized to address the variations in eligibility and reporting requirements specific to the unique disaster and corresponding recovery. 


Eligibility Services

Our team has supported data collection and eligibility services for millions in federal disaster and recovery funds. We verify end-to-end compliance for a variety of federally funded emergency management programs.  Unfortunately, there are some who would attempt to misuse program funds. Our approach helps monitor for fraud, waste, and abuse.


Reporting and Analytics

All federally funded programs require regular reporting. In addition, constituents are keen on understanding where funds are being used and how quickly services are restored. By utilizing a unified system, we can provide decision makers with insightful dashboard reporting and anticipatory spending projections that track federal reporting needs and deadlines.