The Purposeful Brand: The Path to Meaningful Experiences

By Joanne Lee & Kim Osborn

As competition rises, companies are focusing more and more on Customer Experience (CX)– not as a siloed function, but as a disciplined ethos that permeates every area of their business. But there has to be something at the core that continually inspires that discipline and unifies the organization. Something more human.

That something is your Brand’s Purpose. Companies that recognize the critical link between their brand and the customer experience will ultimately elevate and differentiate the experience they deliver, leading to deeper relationships with customers and sustained growth. Here we explore the power of a brand centered around a Shared Purpose, and outline a detailed approach to crafting it.

Brands need to define their Shared Purpose - something that drives higher-level value beyond transactions.

Customers, especially Millennials, expect more from brands today. They want to know that if they buy into a brand, they are contributing to the achievement of that brand’s vision.

The ability to fulfill that Shared Purpose at every turn is key to success.

A brand’s purpose sets the bar for your customer’s expectations. It should guide the full experience you intend to create, going far beyond traditional marketing initiatives – into product innovation, packaging, the call center, and even the bill a customer receives in the mail.

Brands who make their Shared Purpose the focal point that drives all other initiatives will rise to the top.

Having a Shared Purpose that guides all other experiences will set your company apart from the rest, ultimately resulting in financial success –even when financial goals are not the primary objective.


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